LJK Designs makes a conscious effort to keep sustainability in mind. 

The packaging for the Greeting Cards and A5 designed prints is fully recyclable, using cardboard hardback 'Do Not Bend' envelopes, compostable and biodegradable clear sheets, zero plastic plant-based Sellotape, recyclable LJK Designs stickers, orange tissue paper and an LJK logo stamp which has been ethnically sourced, is eco-friendly and is handcrafted from wood.

The packaging for the A4 designed prints is also mostly recyclable, with cardboard hardback 'Do Not Bend' envelopes, zero plastic plant-based Sellotape, recyclable LJK Designs stickers, orange tissue paper and an LJK logo eco-friendly stamp.  Currently, the clear sheets for the A4 designed prints are cellophane, but once they are used up, more sustainable material that has already been ordered and delivered will replace them.

LJK Designs also uses an Ecotank printer for the creation of prints which means it uses larger ink bottles instead of ink cartridges.  This means there will be less plastic used as the ink will need replaced less often than a non-Ecotank printer and it is able to be topped up using the extra ink in the bottles, instead of needing to replace the ink cartridges very frequently.